William Shakespeare wrote "Macbeth" in England in 1606. The tragedy was first published in 1636, and it was set in the 11th century in the Middle Ages. More »

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Macbeth is killed by Macduff in William Shakespeare's play, "The Tragedy of Macbeth." The tragic death of the story's protagonist is foretold by the witches, who warns Macbeth to be wary of Macduff. More »

In the play "MacBeth," Ross is a Scottish Thane who turns against Macbeth to side with the English forces. He is a cousin to Macbeth. More »

In William Shakespeare's play "Macbeth," Hecate wants the witches to concoct magical spells and charms and to convene in hell for the next coming of Macbeth. Hecate chastises the three witches for neglecting to include h... More »

In Act 3, Scene 1 of the play "Macbeth," written by William Shakespeare, Banquo becomes suspicious that Macbeth is responsible for Duncan's murder. During this scene, Macbeth becomes fearful of Banquo's suspicions. More »

Lady Macbeth accounts for Macbeth's behavior in William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," by saying that he has had this kind of behavior since he was child, and even has seizures during these moments. She essentially tries to ex... More »

Though it is impossible to say exactly why William Shakespeare wrote "Macbeth," the political and historical context of the play gives scholars major clues. "Macbeth" serves as a cautionary tale for those who would threa... More »