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The best season to trim tress is the late winter, just before spring. Wounds left on trees from pruning heal more quickly when spring growth starts, reducing the chances of tree diseases. It is also easier to see the branches and decide where to cut on dormant trees.


The best time of year to trim apple trees is right before spring as winter ends, according to the Oregon State University Extension Service. Because the most severe and cold weather is finished, fresh cuts are not subject to ice damage, and the timing to start new growt...


The worst time of year to trim a tree depends on the type of tree. The tree's growth cycle also plays an important role in determining the best and worst times to trim it.


The best time to prune most trees and shrubs is in the late winter or early spring. Flowering shrubs should be pruned in late spring, after the plant is finished blooming.


The ideal time to trim apple trees is late winter, but you can trim into the summer and spring if it's necessary. Avoid pruning the apple trees in the fall because it stimulates new growth while the trees should be preparing for the winter season.


If a quick burst of growth is desired during the spring, trees should be pruned in late winter. To slow growth, trees should be trimmed in the summer. Most people trim their trees during the winter, but this should only be done after the coldest weather of the season ha...


Trim an orange tree in early spring by preparing the pruning tools, removing water sprouts, and cutting away dead and damaged limbs and thinning branches. You need rubbing alcohol, pruning shears and a saw.