The Encyclopædia Britannica states that Hong Kong is not an independent state but a special administrative region under Chinese control. The British returned Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997. More »

Hong Kong is a part of the nation of China, but it is not geographically located within China’s borders. Comprised of over 200 islands, Hong Kong borders the south coast of China and the South China Sea. More »

Major industries in Japan include manufacturing, construction, services, distribution and communication. The Japanese economy is the third largest in the world after the United States and China, which are first and secon... More »

The region of Hong Kong is in the China, along the country's southern coast. Hong Kong shares a northern land border with mainland China and is neighbored by the South China Sea to the south, east and west. More » Geography Asia East Asia

"Phim Cap 3 Hong Kong” is Vietnamese for “Film Cat. 3 Hong Kong” a term used for movies that have earned the Category III rating under the Hong Kong Motion Picture Ratings system. This rating is equivalent to the X ratin... More » Education

The majority of films produced and filmed in Hong Kong are not based on previously published books. Original screenplays primarily focusing on comedy, crime drama and martial arts dominate the Hong Kong market as of 2016... More » Art & Literature

The most commonly quoted measure of Hong Kong's stock market performance is the performance of the Hang Seng index, explains Investopedia. The index indicates the performance of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by covering 4... More » Business & Finance Investing