Geometry is the math related to proportions, or size, shape and position, so practical applications of geometry come in measurement and spatial reasoning. Everything from wrapping a gift to designing a backyard landscape... More »

Students use basic geometry worksheets by examining the pictures presented in each exercise and understanding how those pictures relate to the ideas brought forward in their lessons, while teachers use them to reinforce ... More » Math Geometry

Engineers use geometry to study and analyze shapes and the relationships that transpire among them. Geometry is used in most fields of engineering, although it sees the most use in the area of civil engineering. Civil en... More » Math Geometry

In real life, there are many different applications of geometry including everyday uses such as the "stop sign," which is an octagon shape. The shape, volume, location, surface area and various other physical properties ... More »

Geodesic dome math is a branch of geometry with real-world applications, especially in construction and architecture. A geodesic dome is a type of structure composed of a network of flat surfaces, specifically triangles,... More » Math Geometry

In geometry, the term congruent refers to two items being the same size and shape. Congruent can be used to describe shapes, sides, segments and/or angles. More » Math Geometry

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