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I just googled, "how do crawfish change colors with the moonphase" (or something like that) and this board/post popped up and talked about a Bassmaster article then went into depth about the topic. I never searched for the article but really just read the wmi poster's remarks about color change but it looks like there is some validity to it.


The molt will dramatically change the color of crawfish from a camouflage olive/brown, to a bright orange or red cast, making them an easy visual target for bass. But understand that a bass must work more diligently, and expend much more energy to catch a crawfish during the molt than during the mating cycle.


However, on your home body of water, a little work can go a long way. "It can be helpful to set some crawfish traps and really find out what color they are," says Roumbanis. "If you have the time to do that, you'll be able to get an exact match." He also looks at water clarity when attempting to match crawfish colors.


Understanding Crawfish Color Transitions for Bass Anglers By Jason Sealock • Sep 5, 2014 Michael Murphy has worn a lot of hats in the fishing industry since his days at Purdue University where he majored in Fisheries Biology and did a study on crawfish.


A color change is USUALLY an indication of a chemical change, but there are a few purely physical processes that can do it as well. One example of an item that changes colors due to a physical ...


Crayfish bodies have light-sensitive cells called chromatophores that automatically adjust the mix of colors that the cells "expose" to the outside world, thereby allowing the crayfish to automatically match its color to wherever it spends most of its time. Their PRIMARY colors are shades of black, brown, green, or grey.


Understanding Crawfish Color Transitions in Bass Fishing ... He shares some of what he learned in his crawfish study that should help anglers understand choosing colors for crawfish imitating ...


I was at my local body of water today. I saw a half eaten Crawfish. The color was Brown, seems it had Purple flash in it. Wonder in March will that Crayfish stay Brown, or change as soon as Spring comes? I may start the Year with Brown Cranks and Peanut Butter & Jelly color Jigs.


But it was discovered later that this red color in crayfish may be caused by exposure to sunlight.” So, in addition to environment, it appears color variations in crayfish can be attributed to age, size, molting stage, and migratory pattern. Next time you see a crayfish note its color and the color of the surroundings.


Question - is there a reason why crayfish change colors??? 41637 - in Freshwater Invertebrates forum - :;scuba hello everyone and by the way thanks for taking your time to read this. :;snail i have had this 2 crayfish for long time almost...