Hawaii became a state on Aug. 21, 1959. This made Hawaii the 50th state of the United States. It is the only state composed completely of islands. More »

Arizona became a U.S. state on Feb. 14th, 1912, and was the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted to the union. Arizona was part of New Mexico until it became a separate territory in 1863. In 2010, the populati... More »

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Virginia became a state on June 25, 1788, by ratifying the United States Constitution, written primarily by Virginian James Madison. Virginia was the 10th state to ratify. More »

Hawaii was the last state to join the United States, becoming a state on Aug. 21, 1959. Hawaii is the only state in the nation made up entirely of islands, and it is one of the smallest states. More »

Hawaii became the 50th state on Aug. 21, 1959. Hawaii had become a constitutional monarchy in 1840, but with the help of the U.S. Marines, a group of people living on the islands deposed the monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, ... More »

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Hawaii got its official nickname, which is "The Aloha State," when the state legislature adopted it officially in 1959. In this same year, Hawaii was admitted as a state in the United States. The word "aloha" in the Hawa... More »

Because the state of Hawaii rests in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is not on any continent. The chain of islands became part of the United States in 1959 as the 50th and final addition to the union. More »