Electricity flows from its point of generation through a connected series of wires all the way to the homes of residential customers. Along the way, devices called transformers change the voltage to minimize the power lo... More »

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An individual can get struck by lightning inside a house; while not all buildings have metal-work interweaved in the framing, houses that do contain metal in the framing act as Faraday cages, protecting their contents fr... More »

There are several methods that reduce the static electricity buildup in the home including adding moisture to the air through a home humidifier, adding moisture to the skin through lotions, and choosing less static-enhan... More »

A dynamo generates electricity by using a magnetic field to imbue wires with an electric current. According to the Edison Tech Center, this process generates a direct current that can then be fed down the wires to an alt... More »

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The basic steps in wiring a double pole circuit breaker include turning off the electricity, stripping the wires and installing the double pole circuit breaker in the breaker panel. The tools needed for the task include ... More »

Dynamic electricity is the flow of an electric charge through a conduction point. Dynamic electricity is often referred to as electric current. More »

Each day electricity plays a key role in keeping homes and businesses running smoothly, powers transportation that take people to work, school and other places, and supplies electricity to appliances in all sectors. The ... More »