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The concept of fast fashion is widely regarded as being a fairly new concept that originated from brands like Zara being able to sell trends at record speed for affordable prices, but "fast ...


Fast fashion is, by its very nature, “a fast-response system that encourages disposability.” (Fletcher 2008). With brands like H&M “producing hundreds of millions of garments per year,” there is a growing public consensus that the mass production of so much cheap clothing is an enormous waste of resources such as fuel and water.


The future of fast fashion. There is a reason why fast fashion is also known as disposable fashion; the significant amount of waste associated with it. With consumers understanding and accepting the lesser quality of the garments in substitution for lower prices, they are quick to throw away the items and move on to the next trend.


Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers for designs that move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. A second, critical definition adds that fast fashion is not only about quickly moving from runway to store to consumer, but also to the garbage.


What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed. How did Fast Fashion happen? To understand how Fast Fashion came to be, we need to rewind a tiny bit. Before the 1800s, fashion was slow.


However the modern luxury fashion that we are accustomed to today did not start to take shape until the industrial revolution, when mass production techniques led the way for ready-to-wear fashion. It has been stated that the life of luxury fashion brands has become more difficult since the proliferation of fast fashion brands.


Fast Fashion’s Surprising Origins. Both the high-low collab and ultra-efficient manufacturing were born out of WWII-era austerity.


Fast Fashion: "Fast fashion” is a term used by fashion retailers to describe inexpensive designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends. As a result of this trend, the ...


Now fast fashion is less about fast production – regular drops, rather than seasonal collections have become the standard on the high street – and more about sales – how much product can be shifted, and how quickly. ... Let’s start with the environment.


On the families behind fast fashion "When I actually went out to Los Angeles and started to talk to folks, what I realized was that many of these manufacturers were families. And it turns out that ...