The point at which a widow can collect Social Security benefits after the death of her spouse depends on the individual circumstances. All widows can immediately collect a one-time benefit in the amount of $255. More » Government & Politics Social Services

Social Security disability payments are intended for working-age beneficiaries and these payments typically change to retirement benefits when the beneficiary reaches retirement age, as CNN Money reports. Applications fo... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

As of 2014, if a person is receiving Social Security benefits from retiring, there are two types of limits, which includes an early retirement limit of $15,720 before deductions begin and a $41,400 limit on standard reti... More » Government & Politics Social Services

A Social Security one-time payment is a payment made to a spouse or child upon the death of a spouse or parent if certain criteria are met. Usually, the payment is made to the spouse if he was living in the same househol... More »

A surviving spouse is able to receive social security benefits based on the earnings of the deceased spouse, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. Restrictions based on age, disability and family status i... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Applying for a deceased spouse's Social Security benefits, also known as survivor's benefits, can be done either over the phone or at a local Social Security office. In order to apply, it is necessary to provide a number... More » Government & Politics Social Services

The earliest age that a widower or widow can collect any survivor benefits from Social Security is age 60. Those interested in survivor benefits should contact a Social Security representative to review possible options. More » Government & Politics Social Services