In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is between the autumnal equinox that begins on Sept. 22 or 23 and the winter solstice, which is Dec. 21 or 22. In the Southern Hemisphere, autumn is between March 20 or 21 and June 21 o... More »

Autumn is the season directly after summer when temperatures begin to fall. It comes before winter and is called "fall" in some countries, including the United States. It is known as a time of year when some trees start ... More »

There is no uniform standard for when California public schools begin the academic year. Some school districts in the state begin in mid-August while others do not start until after Labor Day. More »

Some trivia questions about the month of December are, "When in December does the winter solstice occur?" and "What Roman festival was held at the end of December?" Others ask what the flower, gemstone and astrological s... More »

The four seasons of the year are winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each of these seasons occur depending on the Earth's position in its orbit and the tilt of the planet as it moves through its orbit. More »

The four seasons are winter, followed by spring, which is followed by summer and then autumn. After autumn comes another winter, and the cycle repeats although it can begin with any season, not just winter. More »

As the colors of the landscape begin to change and days and nights become cooler, the autumnal equinox marks the astronomical start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Falling on September 22 in both 2017 and 2018, the... More »