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Foot swelling that doesn't go away sometimes is a sign of a medical condition, such as a venous insufficiency, a blood clot, an injury or an infection, states WebMD. In pregnant women, some swelling of the feet and ankles is normal, but sudden, severe swelling sometimes indicates a serious condition


A possible reason a person’s hands swell during sleeping hours is carpal tunnel syndrome, according to E-Hand.com. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome typically occur while sleeping, because regular use of the hand while awake sends excess fluid outside the carpal tunnel, thus relieving swelling.


When pregnancy symptoms begin can vary depending on the woman, but many women begin experiencing symptoms right around the time of her missed period. This is generally four or so weeks after conception.


Although every pregnancy is different, light bleeding, known as spotting, can be seen anywhere from six to 12 days after fertilization of the egg, according to WebMD. Many women commonly mistake this early sign of pregnancy with the start of their periods.


Possible causes of swelling in the fingers include injury, trauma, infection, inflammatory conditions or autoimmune illness, according to Healthgrades. Pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome also cause swelling in the fingers.


Treatments for leg swelling include elevating the leg, losing weight through exercising or eating a low-fat diet, and wearing support stockings, according to MedlinePlus. Other remedies include taking breaks, diuretics and avoiding tight clothing around the thighs.


Causes of knee swelling include injuries like torn ligaments, torn cartilage, irritation and broken bones, states Mayo Clinic. When a portion of the knee becomes damaged, extra joint fluid tends to build up, leading to knee swelling. Underlying conditions that may cause fluid accumulation include go


Individuals experiencing facial swelling should seek medical treatment, explains Healthline. If an injury to the face has not occurred, this swelling could indicate an emergency.


There are several diabetes-related joint problems that can cause inflammation and stiffness of the hands, according to Diabetes Self-Management. Some examples are diabetic stiff hand syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger.


Possible causes of lip swelling include mouth and lip trauma, allergic reactions to food or substances, angioedema, and infection, according to MedicineNet. Additionally, conditions that affect the entire body can cause lip swelling.