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The rolling motion of a wheel results from a force causing two points on opposite sides of the wheel's axis to move in opposite directions. Typically when a force is applied to an object, all points move in the same direction, causing the object to slide. When a force is applied to a wheel, however,


Power Wheels are a series of battery-powered vehicles, produced by Fisher Price, that are designed for children between the ages of one and seven years old. Power Wheels come in many different styles, including ATVs, cars, trucks, SUVs and trains. Some, like the Ford F-150 series and Jeep Wrangler s


The color wheel is a diagram used as a visual aid to choose colors when painting, picking a wardrobe, doing interior design or other tasks that require the use of color. By looking at the color wheel, a person can easily see how colors relate to one another.


The cost of a standard wheel alignment usually includes adjusting the toe, camber and caster angles, as well as having the technician check the car's steering, tires and suspension. The service does not include the cost of replacement parts or their installation.


Wheel weights are small pieces of metal used to correct weight imbalances on automotive wheels and tires. Most modern wheel weights are made of zinc, and they typically clip onto the outer edge of wheel's rim. However, some wheels require sticking wheel weights directly onto the rim.


All-wheel drive is a complicated system in a vehicle's drive train that allocates power to different wheels depending on the traction, as monitored by electronic sensors. The sensors relay data to a computer several times a second, and the system adjusts for varying road conditions automatically.


Wheel stops are tools that ensure vehicles stop at a proper location while parking, thereby preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscape. They are also known as parking stops, garage parking blocks and parking curbs.


Hot Wheels cars are made in various factories in the People's Republic of China. They are then exported to the United States, where they are sold at stores nationwide.


To find the best prices on Toyota wheels and rims, use multiple methods, including online auction sites and classifieds. Online stores with discounted items are another good option.


The Meals on Wheels service delivers hot meals to seniors in their homes or in community centers across the United States. The organization consists of more than 5,000 independent local programs, and more than 2 million people volunteer through Meals on Wheels as of April 2015.