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The best camera phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6, according to CNET.com, which gives the camera a rating of 8 out of 10. The website Tom’s Guide gives the S6 camera a score of 7 out of 11, and Forbes.com gives the smartphone favorable ratings as well.


As of April 2015, some of the best-selling cell phones are the Apple iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also one of the most highly rated, having received an editor's rating of 4.5 according to CNET. It also receiv...


The best phones that can be used with Straight Talk as of 2015 include Motorola Moto E, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Ultimate 2 and Apple iPhone 6, according to Android Central. Straight Talk can be used with various different phones and has a wide range of coverage.


Residential customers can have local phone books delivered to their homes by calling their telephone companies' customer service departments. White Pages phone books list residential and government phone numbers, while Yellow Pages phone books contain contact informatio...


As of 2015, the Samsung Gusto 3 flip phone is considered the best phone of its kind by PhoneRated.com. It has an average of four stars in the site's aggregated reviews and features a color display, large phone keys and a simple user interface.


Google Voice, Skype and Burner are three online services that generate real phone numbers for registered users. Google Voice gives users a single phone number, Skype lets callers register for multiple numbers and Burner offers an extra layer of privacy by generating dis...


The three top-rated Boost Mobile phones available on Boost's official website are the Apple iPhone 5c, Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE and Samsung Galaxy S 5. Other top-rated Boost Mobile phones are the Apple iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 635, LG Volt and Samsung Galaxy S III, as of...