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When Did Dinosaurs Live? Evolutionists claim dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. But it is important to realize that when they dig up a dinosaur bone it does not have a label attached showing its date. The Bible states that God made the land animals, including dinosaurs, on Day Six (Genesis 1:24–25), so they date from around 6,000 years ago.


It included a Velociraptor attacking a Protoceratops, providing evidence that dinosaurs did indeed attack each other. Additional evidence for attacking live prey is the partially healed tail of an Edmontosaurus, a hadrosaurid dinosaur; the tail is damaged in such a way that shows the animal was bitten by a tyrannosaur but survived.


Dinosaurs lived throughout the Mesozoic Era, which began 245 million years ago and lasted for 180 million years. It is sometimes called the Age of the Reptiles. The era is divided into three periods. Dinosaurs that lived during the Triassic period include: Coelophysis (“hollow form”; found in ...


Dinosaurs: How long did they live? ... Dinosaur bones grew like those of other vertebrates, by adding new bone matter to the outside of the bone. ... they live for 20-30 years, and that would ...


Explore the age of the dinosaurs. Discover what the prehistoric world was like and how it changed between when dinosaurs first appeared and the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Non-bird dinosaurs lived between about 245 and 66 million years ago, in a time known as the Mesozoic ...


And when dinosaurs do exist with man, the theory of evolution is demolished. If you walk through the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History you will see a dinosaur exhibit that dates dinosaurs to about three million years ago. Yet, if you believe the Bible, the book of Genesis came to be about 7,000 years ago. That is quite a disparity.


<<Did Dinosaurs actually really exist years ago?>> Yes <<If Dinosaurs really exisited years and years ago then how come the lord had never mentioned anything about them in the bible?>> Why not ask the Author? The Author might be omnipresent, but that needn't include the virtual space of Yahoo Questions.


Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? Dinosaurs certainly did roam the Earth in the ancient past! Fossils of dinosaurs have been found all over the world, and their bones are displayed in museums for all to see. Scientists have been able to reconstruct many of their skeletons, so we know much about how they may have looked. When Were Dinosaurs Found?


Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous Period), after living on Earth for about 165 million years. If all of Earth time from the very beginning of the dinosaurs to today were compressed into 365 days (one calendar year), the dinosaurs appeared January 1 and became extinct the third week of September.


Did the earliest known dinosaurs begin to appear in the Triassic period some 245 million years ago? The typical answer to the question of when dinosaurs were made are, most times, based on misconceptions concerning the chronology as outlined in the scriptures. A common misconception is that everything that was created was made when man was formed.