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Apr 5, 2017 ... By the 6th Century the Eastern Roman Empire had fully transformed itself into the Byzantine Empire. Justinian, the last emperor to use Latin, ...


Nov 10, 2019 ... Justinian I, Byzantine emperor (527–565), noted for his administrative ... Learn more about his life and accomplishments in this article.


Emperor Justinian ruled from 527-565 AD. Justinian is best remembered for reconquering Northern Africa and Italy for the Roman Empire. However, I would ...


Discuss the accomplishments and failures of Emperor Justinian the Great ... Justinian; the center of Christianity in Constantinople and one of the greatest ...


... Middle Ages. Emperor of the Byzantine Empire and established the Justinian Code. ... Despite all his accomplishments, many people in Constantinople were not happy with Justinian's rule. He had placed ... Major Events The Black Death


Sep 28, 2012 ... Justinian is considered one of the most important late Roman and .... His achievements in the fields of art, architecture, legal reform, and ...


This gave Justinian the freedom to turn westward and pursue his greatest ...... Roman Empire, his codification of roman law, and his architectural achievements.


from 532 to 537 was the paramount achievement of Justinian's building campaigns. As the capital's cathedral and the most important church during the empire's ...


Justinian's greatest accomplishment was the codification of Roman law, commonly called the Corpus Juris Civilis , executed under his direction by Tribonian .