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Size is the most visible factor that determines the value of all diamond types. The price of the diamond rises exponentially depending on its size. By definition, 1 carat is 200 milligram. Since most diamonds sold in the market weigh less than 1 carat, the carat is usually subdivided into "points". There are 100 points in a single carat.


Types of Diamonds:-A hard sentence to but I meant it. In this article I will cover everything to do with diamond types. But there is the GIA’s way and there is the consumer’s way to classify diamonds.


The 2 Different Kinds of Types of Diamonds. A hard sentence to but I meant it. In this article I will cover everything to do with diamond types. But there is the GIA’s way and there is the consumer’s way to classify diamonds. I will start with the consumer’s definition: Types of Diamonds – Consumer Wise


Basically, there are two main classifications of diamonds: type one which contains nitrogen molecules and type two which contains other impurities except nitrogen. Only 20% of diamonds are used as gemstones, with the rest used for industrial purposes. Here is a list of the different types of diamonds in existence.


There are six major types of diamond cuts, round brilliant, oval, pear, marquise, heart and emerald, among others. Round Brilliant Round diamonds are the most common cut, and they make up more than 75 percent of diamonds sold, according to the Diamond Buying Guide (see References).


Diamond type is a method of scientifically classifying diamonds by the level and type of their chemical impurities. Diamonds are separated into four types: Type Ia, Type Ib, Type IIa, and Type IIb. The impurities measured are at the atomic level within the crystal lattice of carbon atoms and so, unlike inclusions, require an infrared spectrometer to detect.


While these diamonds are the most popular in the industry there are more diamond names to be discovered. Such as the baguette cut diamond, square cut diamond, tapered cut diamond or rose cut diamond. The types of diamonds by the popular diamond colors. Next, to the different types of diamonds by cut, there are diamond color types to discover.


There are three ways in which natural fancy coloured diamonds are formed. The fancy coloured types of diamonds are grouped into Type I, Type II and Type III Diamonds. The Types of Diamonds Type I Diamonds. Type I diamonds are formed when a foreign element is introduced to the carbon material that a diamond is made from.


Discovered in 2015, it is the 5th largest diamond ever discovered at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas Identified as a Type IIa crystal, the 8.52 carat diamond was cut and polished by Mike Botha into a custom-designed 4.605 carat Triolette shape during a week long event in North Little Rock and was graded a D IF, 0 Polish & 0 Symmetry ...


What Types of Fake Diamonds Are There? Fake diamonds are stones that have different chemical composition from real diamonds. These imitations can be either synthetic or natural. (Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, have the same chemical composition as real diamonds and are not considered fake.)