Water waves are generally classified as deep-water waves or shallow-water waves. Deep-water waves are produced through oscillation, occurring when the water depth surpasses half the length of the waves. Shallow-water wav... More »

Ocean and light waves represent types of transverse waves impacting their medium perpendicular to their direction of travel. Ocean waves travel on the surface of water, forcing the water down along their path. Light wave... More »

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Three types of mechanical waves are transverse waves, longitudinal waves and surface waves. Mechanical waves are different from electromagnetic waves in that they can't propagate in a vacuum; they need a physical medium,... More »

Ocean water is moved by three different forces: waves, currents and tides. These forces cause ocean water to move around the vast area that the ocean covers. More »

The main wave types are breaking, constructive, deep water, destructive, inshore, internal, Kelvin, seiche, shallow water and surging waves. Ocean waves are usually categorized based on formation and behavior. More »

Water comes from three main natural sources: rain water, underground water and surface water. Hidden water trapped in different forms such as in polar ice caps and glaciers is another important source of water. More »

From water vapor in the atmosphere and ice in glaciers to all forms of liquid water in between, water sources are numerable and vary. The types of water sources depend on the state of the water. More »