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Before applying mulch, add some fertilizer that has a lot of nitrogen in it to the soil, as mulch tends to take in a lot of nitrogen, which can harm plants. If you are using fine mulch, spread it on the soil to make a layer about 2 to 3 inches thick. If you are applying coarse mulch, make a layer th


The best mulch for flowers is organic hardwood bark mulch. Hardwood bark mulch is richer in nutrients than regular bark mulch, but it is more expensive. However, regular bark mulch is a good substitute.


The ASPCA explains that a dog who frequently eats non-food items such as wood, dirt and rocks is suffering from a condition called pica. In some cases, pica is exacerbated by a lack of exercise, boredom and even anxiety, especially in younger dogs. However, pica is often the result of a medical prob


Black plastic is one of the best mulch choices when growing blackberries, according to SFGate. Blackberries need a lot of moisture to produce high yields of fruit, so using mulch to conserve soil moisture is important. If using black plastic for mulch, an efficient drip-irrigation system is required


Manufacturers produce rubber mulch by buying large amounts of junk tires, removing the steel belting and shredding the remaining rubber into small pieces. Depending on the type of shredder a company uses, rubber mulch is available either as finely shredded strips or as larger nuggets about an inch i


Mulch for roses should provide enough surface insulation to protect the roots and organic matter to help nourish the plant, and be thick enough to discourage the growth of weeds. Several mulching materials meet this criteria, including compost, bark mulch and peat moss.


For growing vegetables and fruit, black plastic and straw are the most commonly used forms of mulch, while shrub beds and trees thrive on wood chips, bark chunks and pine needles. Annual and perennial beds are attractive with fine mulches such as cocoa shells, buckwheat hulls and bark granules, whil


Make mulch dye by combining 16 ounces of mulch colorant or one 12-ounce bottle of mulch dye and 1 1/2 gallons of water in a bucket and mixing the ingredients together thoroughly with a paint stirrer. Wear old clothing and protective gloves to prevent the dye from staining your skin.


Mulching blades use additional cutting surfaces along a curved blade, or multiple blades, to turn grass into mulch before depositing it back on the ground. Sometimes known as three-in-one blades, these differ from standard two-in-one blades that cut grass and send it toward a grass catcher.


Basic features of a mulch calculator include inputs for the type of material, area of the space covered with mulch, depth of the material on top of the ground, and conversion factors into cubic yards or bags of material needed. Mulch calculators allow property owners, landscapers and gardeners to es