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Deciding which type of doctor you want to deliver your baby is an important choice. Learn about the different specialties to help you make your decision.


What Kind of Nurse Delivers Babies? by Sharon Perkins . Certified nurse-midwives believe that a woman should have the type of birth she desires. While nurses who work in labor and delivery might deliver a baby if the doctor doesn't make it into the room fast enough, the only nurses specifically trained and legally allowed to deliver babies are ...


A doctor who delivers babies is called an OB or obstetrician and gynecologist. They generally make a lot of money because they work in a speciality field. ... If you are asking what kind of Doctor ...


Obstetricians spend four years after medical school studying women's health issues, including the management of pregnancy and delivery. Becoming a maternal-fetal specialist, or perinatologist, requires an additional two or three years of specialization in the field. Doctors who specialize in family practice are also trained to deliver babies.


The medical professional(s) you recruit to oversee your pregnancy and delivery can have a big impact on your experience. Here’s what you need to know about your choices, including an OB-GYN, family physician, certified nurse-midwife and direct-entry midwife. Now that you've conceived, the next ...


Obstetrician.. They are trained to 2 yrs (DGO) or 3 yrs (MD ) They ll deal with normal labour or caesarian section and their complications… One of the most happiest job among medical field…..sometimes most stressfull… But a mbbs graduate can condu...


When a baby is born, all we see is the family in tears of joy and the baby sleeping cozily in the bed. But there is a lot that goes into the whole process of delivering and maintaining the healthy birth of a baby. There are many types of baby doctors, who have dedicated their lives to the study of pediatrics.


Pediatricians, dentists, optometrists, and gynecologists are a few types of doctors your child needs. Read about their roles in keeping children healthy.


If you love infants and are looking for job options, we have great news for you: There are lots of well-paying and rewarding careers where you get to spend your time working with babies! But a desire to work with babies and a passion for the work alone won't guarantee ...


How to Become a Doctor Who Delivers a Baby. by Chris Daniels . Obstetricians care for mothers during pregnancy and through the birth. Having a child can be one of the greatest moments of a woman's life. As an obstetrician, you will play a role throughout a woman's pregnancy assessing risks, conducting exams, monitoring progress and ultimately ...