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Royal blue contains a color intensity of 0 red, 35 green and 102 blue, based on the RGB color intensity scale. The RGB scale assigns a value from 0 to 255 based on the intensity of red, green and blue light within each color.


The colors that a person would need to mix in order to make royal blue are primary blue and purple. Since royal blue is a shade of blue, all you need to do is darken the blue to make royal blue.


Blue is a primary color and cannot be created by combining other colors. Adding white to blue creates a lighter blue, and adding black to blue creates a darker blue.


There are three main categories of colors: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. These colors occur naturally in nature and are on the light spectrum, so no color combine to make blue. However, you can combine different colors and hues to create


Because blue is a primary color, it cannot be made from other colors and must be produced independently. Lights are often filtered, while paints are mixed from base components.


Blue cannot be created by mixing two other colors together. It is referred to as a primary color. The three primary colors are red, blue and yellow.


Colors that go with blue include white, orange, yellow, hot pink, deep red, black, silver, brown and naturals. Blue interiors allow homeowners to add any of these colors to improve the appearance of a living room.


Some traditional royal paint colors include purple and rich blue. Purple, in particular, is a color that has been historically associated with royalty because of how expensive the dye was to make the color.


Blue is a primary color, which means you cannot create it by mixing other colors. Blue does mix with other colors to create new colors, including mixing with yellow to make green and mixing with red to make violet.


Blue is a primary color, which means there is no color combination to produce it. Different shades of blue are possible to make through adding white to a blue base to create lighter shades or black to create darker shades.