Like other Native American indigenous tribes, the Sioux Indians used tools primarily fashioned from animal bones and rocks, such as knives and arrowheads. They were nomadic and traveled with few material possessions. The... More »

The main tools and weapons used by the Southwest Indians included spears and bows and arrows for hunting, spindles and looms for weaving, wooden hoes and rakes for farming and pump drills for digging holes in beads and s... More »

The Ojibwa Indians mostly used bows and arrows for hunting buffalo, deer, elk and small game. They also had a wide range of fishing tools, including cordage made from nettles and woven sinews. More »

Some of the tools used by the Hopi Indians included rakes, hoes, knives, cotton looms, adz and arrowheads. The Hopi used these tools for farming, manufacturing of goods, and sometimes as weapons. More »

The Lakota Sioux Indians are one of three groups of Indian people who spoke a similar language and were connected to two other tribes known as the Nakota and Dakota. The enemies of the Sioux groups were the Chippewa trib... More » History Modern History US History

Blackfoot Indians used a variety of tools for hunting and warfare, and their arsenal of weaponry included the longbow, knives and mauls. They also used firearms after coming into contact with early European settlers. More »

The natural resources the Cherokee Indians used to make their weapons and tools included flint and other rocks, deer antlers, animals hides, tree branches, thistledown, snake venom and plant extracts. These resources wer... More »