When attending a summer funeral, it is best for men to wear suits and women to wear slacks or dresses. Although the temperature may be hot, a funeral is still a formal occasion and so the standard of dress should match t... More »

Black clothing is generally acceptable to wear to a funeral. Dark suits for men in colors other than black and dark-colored skirts for women are also fitting for a funeral service. More »

The appropriate attire to wear to a funeral is conservative, dark and formal attire. Women may wish to wear a black dress or suit, and men should wear a black, grey or dark blue suit with a conservative cut over a crisp,... More »

The dress code in China mirrors that of Western nations: younger people typically dress in jeans and t-shirts during casual occasions, while men and women don proper business attire, with skirts, dresses and slacks for w... More »

K&G Fashion Superstores carry a variety of men's and women's outfits for casual and professional occasions, ranging from suits and blouses to dresses, slacks and shirts. While the exact inventory of each store varies by ... More »

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Plains Indian clothing design entailed little more than breechclouts and a belt for men and simple dresses of deer hide for women in summer. The man’s breechclout was tucked under and over the belt in the front and back,... More »

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There are many things a person can say at a funeral, including "Sorry for your loss," states Everplans.com. Regardless of what is said, it is vital to be sincere and sensitive. More »