There are several appropriate attire options for baptisms, such as business casual attire or more formal attire. While certain churches may allow casual attire, it is best to avoid wearing clothing that is too casual, su... More »

The sacrament of Christian baptism has many associated signs, symbols and traditions. Most come from the Bible, while others hearken back to the earliest churches in Asia Minor. The most common baptismal symbols include ... More » World View Symbolism

The two basic groups of Mennonites, assimilated and traditional, wear distinctly different clothing. Assimilated Mennonites wear contemporary clothing, and traditional Mennonites wear plain, conventional clothing. More »

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Business casual attire falls just short of business suits and usually includes button-down shirts, blouses, leather shoes and belts, skirts, and slacks. Dark, neutral and conservative fabrics are ideal. Athletic, disheve... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Men’s business casual attire generally includes khaki or dark pants, cardigans or jackets, button-down shirts and accessories. The attire is not synonymous with looking unkempt, but it does offer some leeway with pattern... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Semiformal attire for men includes a well-fitting, dark business suit, dress shirt and tie with an optional vest. Leather shoes and matching dress socks complete a proper semiformal outfit. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes