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Out of cardamom, or hesitant to buy it because of the price? While cardamom has a flavor and fragrance all it's own, there are other spices that you can use as a substitute.Either one of these alternatives should blend nicely with the other flavors in the dish that you're preparing.


For example, some experts recommend using allspice. As with cinnamon and nutmeg, you would halve the recipe’s cardamom amount for the replacement. If the recipe calls for a teaspoon of cardamom, use a teaspoon of allspice instead. Ginger can also be used as can coriander. Most recipes that include cardamom mean green cardamom.


In order for you to refrain from the impending embarrassment of not knowing what it is or how to use it, you have to keep holding on to this article and get a good grip as you will be exploring a way to get your cardamom into cooking.


Cinnamon is the most popular of the two for use as a standalone cardamom replacement; however, nutmeg is still a popular and relatively inexpensive alternative. When using either of these spices in place of cardamom, it is recommended that you start with half the amount of the spice that your recipe requires and adjust the quantity to taste.


Cardamom seeds will keep much of their flavour for longer if they are stored in airtight containers. To use the pods and seeds in cooking, the pods need to be ground or crushed. This can be managed very easily by using a pestle and mortar. Simply place the cardamom pods in the mortar and lightly pound the pods with the pestle.


Cardamom is a relatively mild spice that is usually used in sweet baked goods - cookies for example. I have seen it most often in Scandinavian recipes. You could substitute any spice commonly used in sweet baked goods - in the US cinnamon and/or n...


The cardamom pods contain tiny, spicy sweet seeds that you need to remove from the pods and crush before using in a recipe. In place of 5 cardamom pods (with the seeds removed and crushed), you can use 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom. See our Spice Guidefor more information and tips on cooking with spices.


Using spices like cardamom really helps me think outside the box and play with new flavors and cuisines that I normally don't cook. Cardamom is a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines (try it as a flavoring for coffee or in some mulled wine) and also plays a big part in Swedish cooking, which seems strange until you find out that it was brought back from what is now Turkey to ...


Freshly ground Cardamom seeds are used widely in the culinary world; you can use Cardamom oil in place of cardamom seeds to enhance the flavor of many recipes. The minty flavor and scent of Cardamom has made it a popular ingredient in traditional Indian sweets and teas. It is also used in curry dishes due to its warm, spicy aroma and flavor.


In any case, there is another way of using cardamom instead of opening them up and grinding the seeds – just add the whole pod to your dish, and cook it along with the other ingredients. Like a bay leaf, take it out before serving (or use it as a garnish when plating). This works well for curry dishes and stews, but not so much for baked goods.