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Feed your quail a good-quality developer feed after six to eight weeks of age. The best feed for quail is a game bird feed that has at least 20 percent protein or more. Quail feed is expected to have plenty of protein to enable them to have a balanced diet for them to grow into great, healthy pets.


Wild quail tend to eat wild grasses, seeds, insects and various types of berries. They are known to eat blackberries and strawberries during their growing seasons. The most popular quail species in North America is the bob white; within the bob white are numerous subspecies. Due to their small size, quail groups can sustain on little food plots.


What kind of feed,snacks,etc. Also what brands? Right now I feed mine Purina game bird feed with some different greens from my garden, tomato plants clippings, and oyster shell. I am looking into finding feed with a higher protein than 20%. What do you feed your quail and how is it working for you? Thank you for all of your input.


How to Attract Quail, Grouse, Partridges, and Pheasants Catering to the shy nature of these birds when meeting their survival needs is the key to attracting quail to the yard. Food : Feeding wild quail is simple as these birds are primarily granivorous and will eat spilled seed from feeders.


Wild Quail Feeders – Lessons Learned Wild Quail Starter Feed. My bobwhite quail breeder recommended Purina Game Bird Chow as the starter feed for wild quail chicks. Research shows that quail chicks need almost 95% protein in their diet during their first 6 weeks. In the wild, they get this protein from eating bugs.


How to Plant & Manage Wild Game Mix Food Plots. Deer, rabbit and turkey will begin to browse food plots in about 45 days after planting.Quail and pheasant will begin to eat the seeds that mature in about 60-70 days.Deer will begin to graze when plants are several inches tall.Plant food plots near water sources for Duck and other waterfowl feeding.. To avoid overgrazing pressure on plots ...


Young quail chicks require high amounts of protein from hatching until 8 weeks old. You should feed the quail chicks a "starter" meat bird feed available from most feed stores. After 8 weeks, quail chicks don't require as much protein, but they do require more calories.


Scientists at Texas Tech University have developed a medicated feed for treating parasites in wild quail. Fittingly called QuailGuard, the feed is awaiting approval of the FDA and is expected to ...


Set out wild bird seed and grains near the ground cover. Purchase wild bird seed and grain sorghum. Then scatter it near the shrubs and ground cover. The quail will be attracted to the food, but will be protected by the plants. You can find wild bird seed formulated for quail at most local pet stores or online.


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