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Chances are you will remember going to jail for the rest of your life. Zoukis Prisoner Resources has many helpful tips for prisoners on their first day in prison, such as prison intake, what you can take to prison, strip searches and more.


A handy guide for those expecting a custodial sentence. Going to jail? What you should expect going inside for the first time. A handy guide for those expecting a custodial sentence


If you were counseling someone with a lot of media exposure, like Burress or Bernie Madoff [who also employed a prison consultant], what would you tell them? If you're being followed in the media, well, these correctional facilities have TVs. Once they find out where you're going, they're waiting for you. You're going to be scrutinized by everyone.


If you're sentenced to prison, be strong and take it like a man. Your conduct at the sentencing hearing will be the talk of the jail. If you cry and whine and beg and plead with the judge, you're going to be mistreated by your inmates in the jail - and all the way to prison. Don't show any emotion.


Facing going to jail? Learn what to expect pre-sentence. Zoukis Prisoner Resources prison consulting provides answers and support when preparing for prison, including what to do if you’ve been arrested and how to find an attorney. Contact ZPR today for support for you or your loved ones pre-sentence.


Of course, I had no idea what to expect. At that point in my life I had served a total of 24 hours in jail, when I was arrested and arraigned, and that experience proved to be not even a foggy clue as to what prison life would be like. All I knew was what I had seen on television and in the movies, and I was scared to death.


What To Expect When You Are An Inmate In A Texas Prison. This is one of the hardest questions I face in the practice of law. Occasionally, I have a client who is sentenced to time in a Texas prison and they have no idea what to expect. This article is an excellent overview of what they can expect when arriving at a Texas prison for the first time.


Going To Prison – What To Expect. The first thing to keep in mind when serving a federal prison sentence is that your life is going to change while in prison and it’s best to accept that fact early on. Most inmates go through an initial adjustment phase, and this is natural. While it is impossible to predict how long that phase will be for ...


I don't what to expect during, but the following is what you should expect after. You should expect to be a hardened criminal. You will know have street cred for doing some time. No one is ever going to fuck with you again because you did some time. You will be ridiculously ripped by the time you get out. You will be even more of a badass.


Nobody plans on going to prison, but people end up there all the same — at the moment, one out of every 109 Americans is in prison or jail (the former is for long-term incarceration, the latter ...