To chop fresh dill, remove the delicate foliage and stems from the thick center stem. Discard the stem. Use a sharp chopping knife to mince the foliage, also called dill leaves, to the desired consistency. Dill, which lo... More »

Fresh dill can be easily frozen and stays fresh in the freezer for approximately five months. To freeze dill, wash the sprigs in cold water and pat them dry before spreading them on a cookie sheet and placing them in the... More »

One teaspoon of dried dill equals the same amount of flavor in a tablespoon of chopped fresh dill. To calculate the amount of dried dill to substitute in a particular recipe, cooks should use about one-third of the amoun... More »

The main ingredients for tzatziki recipes are yogurt, cucumbers and fresh dill. The yogurt can be plain, fat-free, full-fat or Greek. Some tzatziki recipes call for non-Greek yogurt to be drained before it is added, so t... More » Food Cooking

Some ideas for baked potato toppers are tahini and bacon, smoked trout and fresh dill, and creamed spinach and toasted bread crumbs. To make a Middle Eastern-style baked potato, combine tahini, a roasted sesame seed past... More » Food Cooking

Make crisp refrigerator pickles by combining sliced cucumbers, white vinegar, pickling salt and dill in a jar and placing them in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. The trick to crisp refrigerator pickles is to use the... More » Food Cooking

To make salmon dip, combine cream cheese, sour cream lemon juice, dill and horseradish with minced smoked salmon. Serve the salmon dip with vegetable crudites, such as endive, sliced bell peppers or cucumbers, and cracke... More » Food Cooking