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TELL ME MORE. The Joule-Thomson Effect – How Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up. Standby for a small high school physics lesson. We don’t need to go too in depth, so bear with me, but understanding this principle is the key to figuring out why your air conditioner is freezing up. The Joule-Thomson Effect is a principle in thermodynamics which states that if everything else is kept constant ...


Living in Florida, it may seem counter-intuitive that your air conditioner can freeze up in the middle of summer—but it can and will when you least expect it. If your air conditioner is freezing up, fear not. Read on to learn what causes your air conditioner to freeze up and how you can fix it.


What to Do When Your AC Unit Freezes Up The first step to fixing your frozen AC is to turn the system off, if your AC system is still trying to cool, it will continue forming frost. In severe cases, you may even want to turn your thermostat to the heat setting to speed up the thawing.


Summing It Up. A freezing AC is a very common, frustrating problem that homeowners face. However, the problems causing a frozen AC are preventable with some regular maintenance and tune-ups. Tune-ups and changing air filters regularly go a long way to preventing mechanical failures, clogs, and leakages.


How to Keep a Window Air Conditioner from Freezing Up. A common complaint for window air conditioners, aside from not getting the room cool enough, is the complaint of ice forming on the air conditioner. Most people believe this is a symptom of too much refrigerant. It may be, but that's not the only reason why window air conditioners freeze up.


If your air conditioner freezes up due to an air flow issue, first thing to do is switch it off to start the defrosting process. Next thing you should do is turn on the fan. Let it run for 60 to 90 minutes. Check and change your air filter during this time. After that, turn your air conditioner back to cool and it should start working again.


When your AC unit “freezes up” on a hot Florida Day it is more than an inconvenience. This is can be a sign that there is a serious problem with your AC system that needs to be corrected. Having a home that is 90+ degrees is enough to convince most homeowners to correct the issue, but the prospect of further damage to your system and a ...


Another problem is that the moisture accumulated between the cooling coils isn't blown out of the coils, and the coils freeze up. The solution to blocked coils is a good cleaning. This requires removing the window air conditioner unit from the window, taking off the front cover, and removing the outer metal jacket to access the interior parts ...


What To Do If Your AC Freezes There are few things more disappointing than finally making it home after a long, hot day in the sun and discovering that your AC is on the fritz. One of the most common air conditioning malfunctions is for a unit to freeze up.