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Humans have nails for protecting the tip of the digit, and the digital appendage is a leftover trait from your distant ancestors. Most vertebrates have keratinized structures composed of the same elements as horns. The hard layer provides protection against direct impact to the tips of fingers and t


Being unorganized, procrastinating, not multitasking, being inefficient and overloading on projects are some examples of common weaknesses. Business Insider suggests that people end each weakness on a positive note, stating their intentions to improve this type of behavior.


Nail supplies range from basic nail files to nail polish to gel or acrylic nail supplies. A standard manicure kit includes emery boards, a nail buffer, a cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers and nail polishes. Nail polish remover is a typical nail supply.


Causes of nail infections include dermatophyte fungus, molds and yeast, according to Mayo Clinic. These fungi spread in moist and wet environments and are most likely to affect the toenails, reports MedicineNet.


Yellow nails often indicate a fungal infection, according to EverydayHealth. Other causes of yellow nails include injury, skin conditions, smoking cigarettes and using red nail polish, as reported by WebMD. Medical conditions such as chronic lung disease and cancer can also cause yellow nails.


A dermatologist studies and treats diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Some dermatologists specialize in nail pathology, which is the science of the causes and effects of nail diseases.


A harmless condition called melanonychia results in black lines on fingernails, as a result of increased pigmentation. Melanonychia is common in dark-skinned people and the elderly. It is rarely found in children.


The free edge of the nail is the white portion of the nail that grows out from the finger or toe. This portion consists dead cells and keratin.


Strengthen nails by leaving the cuticles alone, omitting the use of nail hardeners and moisturizing the nails. Take supplements, limit contact with harsh chemicals and reduce the frequency of professional manicures to further strengthen nails. Be as gentle with your nails as possible to prevent brea


"Bed of nails" has both literal and figurative meanings. A literal bed of nails is a long flat board the size of a bed with hundreds of nails sticking up. This bed is used for acupuncture treatment. Cambridge Dictionaries Online notes the figurative meaning as a difficult situation or circumstance.