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A laissez-faire attitude is the best option when caring for a mother cat who has just given birth to a litter of kittens. That means you should avoid interfering and let momma cat do what she does best, mother her babies.


Having young kittens in the house is an exciting time, but caring for them is more than just a matter of feeding and cleaning up after them. The way you interact with the kittens at a young age shapes how friendly they become as adult cats.


Mother Cat Behavior with Kittens. Mother cats are a endearing, enchanting and confusing. ... , It is natural for mother cats to move recently born kittens. Mother cats do this a few days after birth so as to throw potential predators off the scent, thus ensuring that they do not become some other animal’s dinner. Anxious first-time mothers do ...


Newborn kittens are extremely adorable, but they can be a lot of work. If the mother cat is around, you won't have to do much, but if she isn't, then you'll have all the responsibilities meant for her.


Momma Mia! 7 Important Tips When Caring for Momma Cats and Kittens. ... Avoid antibacterial soaps. If you have to bathe kittens, make sure you dry them well and keep them warm as they can get chilled easily. 5) USE A NON-CLUMPING CLAY LITTER (LIKE JOHNNY CAT). ... Just make sure you wash your hands before and after handling the kittens. Momma ...


To care for your cat after neutering or spaying, keep it in a quiet, comfortable place indoors for the first 18-24 hours so it can rest without being interrupted. Also, make sure your cat has access to food, water, and a litter box, following any feeding instructions your vet gave you.


DO NOT put the kittens in water or use any kind of shampoo on them. The mother will take care of everything that needs to be done right after they are born.


So if all goes to plan, then you don’t have to do much for the first few weeks except make sure that the mother cat is well fed and has the facilities she needs. As soon as you are aware of the pregnancy it would benefit the kittens and their mother to feed a growth type diet.


After each kitten is delivered, the cat will cycle through stages two and three until all the kittens have been born. The total process, once your cat is in stage 2 labor, takes two to six hours for most cats.


Subsequent kittens will take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. She will rest for several minutes between kittens, and during this time she should be allowed to nurse and clean the kittens that have been born. If you have been keeping the kittens in another box, move them back with the mother cat and help them find a nipple. This is also a good ...