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Spain is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and is home to incredible architecture, history and beaches, as well as some distinctly unique souvenirs. From handmade fans and flamenco guitars to the world’s first blue wine and the scent of Ibiza, we guide you through 15 things you can only buy in Spain.


Leather goods seem to be a good buy in Spain.Shoes/boots are quite often stylish with good quality, and the prices are reasonable. Home decoration and furniture are good buys too but you will need to arrange to ship things back.


Traveling in Spain and want to take a gift back to Aunt Millie, your dog sitter, and envious friends? The Scoopometer gives the following gifts high marks in the bargain department. Here are suggestions that will keep you in budget bliss, no matter where you buy in Spain, plus they are easy ...


3 What to Buy in Spain? The Tried and Tested Brands. If you are a reluctant shopper or like to find it all under one roof – then you should go straight to the nearest El Corte Ingles which is like a Debenhams or a Macy’s and stocks a great range of clothing, food and household items.


Europe - What's your favorite thing to buy in Spain? - We will be in Spain starting next week. What are your favorite things to buy in (989394)Europe - What's your favorite thing to buy in Spain?


With so many cheap things to buy in Spain though, there are some things everyone visiting Spain should buy – simply because they are the cheapest and the best. Olives and Olive Oil – As the world’s biggest olive oil producer, Spain produces some of the wold’s best olive oil. Used primarily for salads, salad dressings and for cooking ...


The Spain Buying Guide is a free, independent resource to help anyone who is looking to buy property in or move to Spain through each critical stage of their property buying journey.


Best Souvenir Buys in Spain. Many visitors go to Spain and have no idea of what to buy. This is a list of suggestions of what to buy. Remember that it is better to buy one quality thing than to buy many cheap things that you will never use.


In Spain, the bull is recognized as a national symbol because of its association with Spain’s culture. 12. Castanets . Source: Carlos Gracia. As percussion instrument, castanets produce clicks or rattling sounds when held in the hand and struck together. In Spain, it is used to accompany in Spanish traditional dances.


It might be a little difficult to carry large quantities home, so either buy a small ornamental bottle (and refill it constantly with Spanish oil bought at home) or fill every last space in your luggage before you leave Spain with some larger bottles. Every grocery store in Spain stocks an impressive selection of olive oils.