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Explore the new NASA Disasters: Kilauea Airborne Science story map which highlights NASA’s ongoing airborne efforts to understand the volcanic eruption and provide impactful data to responders, by leveraging a high-resolution instrument created to study glaciers. On May 3rd 2018, the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island erupted from new fissures and sent lava flowing over


An aerial view of the erupting Pu'u 'O'o crater on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano taken at dusk on June 29, 1983. Credit: G.E. Ulrich, USGS Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. It is a ...


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted from its summit on Thursday, sending a plume of ash 30,000 feet into the air. The Kilauea eruption is the latest since the Hawaii volcano began spewing ash and ...


Hawaii volcano: The science behind the eruption of Kilauea. A treacherous lava flow erupting from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island upended a picturesque and peaceful community.


This is not always the case; the 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa started during an eruption at Kīlauea, but had no discernible effect on the Kīlauea eruption, and the ongoing inflation of Mauna Loa's summit, indicative of a future eruption, began the same day as new lava flows at Kīlauea's Puʻu ʻŌʻō crater. In 2002, Kilauea experienced a ...


Huge eruptions have taken place from Fissure 17 in the Puna District of Hawaii big island Where is the Kilauea volcano and when did it last erupt?


Hawaii volcano eruption: When did the Hawaii volcano erupt? HAWAII’s Kilauea volcano has been violently erupting for days, causing mass evacuations and destruction on the Big Island.


The latest on Hawaii Kilauea volcano eruption. Hawaii is bracing itself for even more destruction from the Kilauea volcano as officials warn it is at risk of “explosive eruptions.”


Hawaii's Kilauea volcano: When, why and what's next . Latest eruption from Mount Kilauea forces at least 1,700 residents to evacuate their homes.


Yesterday, a new eruption started on the slopes of Kilauea. Far down the East Rift zone, in the Leilani Estates subdivision, fissures began to open yesterday. By the time evening hit, lava was ...