Tattoos of butterflies, feathers, dolphins and birds symbolize freedom. These images of animals and nature are used by tattoo artists to represent liberty and independence. More »

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According to LovetoKnow, cowboy-hat tattoos can be a tribute to a loved one, a symbol of a desire for the freedom of the Wild West, or an outlaw symbol. Famous cowboys are also popular tattoos because they inspire and le... More » World View Symbolism

Back tattoos that women prefer include flowers, butterflies and feathers. The back creates a surface for extensive body art, and the tattoo can easily be hidden with clothing. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Tattoos of crowns typically symbolize authority, leadership, or royalty. The first thing that many people think of when they see a crown is monarchy. Individual tattoos can symbolize different things to different people. More »

Tattoos for sisters can vary depending on how many sisters want to be involved. Sisters tattoos can be matching, include a reference to the sisters' birth order or names, or be parts of a phrase or image that are only co... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

There are many websites that showcase a wide variety of Pantera tattoos, including the band's official website and Heavy Metal Tattoos. The Texas heavy metal band inspires strong devotion in its fan base, and these sites... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos