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The best way to kill gnats is to wipe them out in their larval stages by allowing wet soil in house plants and other locations to dry completely. Adult gnats around plants or other areas can be removed using the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner.


Generic bug sprays, as well as DEET, are common sprays used to keep gnats away. However, there are less harmful alternatives available for those not wishing to use harsh chemicals.


A gnat is a small winged fly that belongs to the same suborder as mosquitoes. They are characterized by long legs, small bodies and weak flying abilities. Gnats can be biting or nonbiting and may feed on insects, plants or blood. Species include eye gnats, fungus gnats ...


To kill gnats outside, make a solution of pepper, soap, water and oil, spray the plants, apply a nematode treatment, and put potatoes around the plants. The supplies you need are a jug, water, cayenne pepper, oil, Castile soap, a spray bottle, potato slices, a hose, and...


Gnat infestations in the home are typically caused by fungus gnats. These gnats are attracted to moist conditions with organic material. Over-watered house plants, places of condensation and rotting vegetation are the common culprits in gnat infestations.


Kill fungus gnats effectively by setting sticky traps for the adults and using insecticide on the larvae. Keep them away by letting the soil dry before watering plants, putting screens on windows and using quality potting mixes.


Gnats eat algae, fungus and various plants. Unlike mosquitoes, they do not consume blood. Some gnats do not eat during their three- to four-week lifespan.