Although they are rarely heard and often considered silent animals, giraffes communicate with each other through infrasonic sounds and can also produce a variety of vocal noises ranging from snorts and grunts to hisses a... More »

A sound clip of a giraffe can be found on Muvee. While some believe that giraffes do not have vocal chords, adult giraffes simply choose to use their vocal chords rarely. Baby giraffes, however, make squawking noises, pa... More »

A giraffe makes a lot of different noises, even though it is rare to hear one make any sound at all. A giraffe makes a snorting sound as a warning when alarmed or when sensing danger. A giraffe can produce mooing sounds,... More »

Giraffes very rarely make sounds, but they do have the ability to make noises such as moos, snorts, hisses, grunts and flute-like sounds. It has been suggested through various studies that the sounds giraffes make are of... More »

Giraffes are seldom heard, but they do make a variety of sounds. They grunt or snort to alert fellow herd members to danger. Other giraffe sounds include moos, snores, hisses and even flute-like noises. More »

Giraffes have vocal cords and exhibit a variety of sounds, including moaning, snoring, hissing and flutelike sounds, according to the San Diego Zoo. A calf bleats or mews to communicate with its mother, while the mother ... More »

Giraffes primarily communicate with each other using infrasonic sounds and vibrations, much like dolphins and some whales. Although giraffes are among the tallest mammals on the planet, they are some of the most silent. ... More »