The Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster, also known as the yellow-belly water snake, has a greenish-grey outer body and a yellow belly and neck. The snake's labial scales are also yellow. Yellow-belly water snakes are ofte... More »

A black snake with a yellow or red ring around its neck is the Northern Ringneck Snake. It is found in forests, grassy areas and watery areas such as streams. More »

While many different snake are black and yellow, the most commonly encountered black and yellow snakes are kingsnakes, garter snakes and ribbon snakes. Kingsnakes in the eastern United States display a black base color t... More »

The yellow-bellied water snake is a gray snake with a yellow belly. It is a member of the order Squamata, which is composed of other snakes and lizards and is also a member of the Colubridae family because it does not ha... More »

The yellow-bellied water snake is a brownish-black snake with a plain yellow underside. The blotched water snake is a subspecies of the yellow-bellied water snake that is gray or greenish-brown with brown blemishes and a... More »

The black snake with a yellow belly is called a "Southern Ring-necked Snake," or just "Ring-necked Snake." These snakes have a black, or dark grey back, with smooth scales and a yellow or bright orange belly. The belly o... More »

Ringneck snakes have a dark body with a light yellow-orange ring around its neck. They grow no bigger than 15 inches and are harmless to people. More »