Electrical code calls for a dedicated 20-amp breaker for the laundry room. This circuit provides sufficient power for the washer and a gas dryer. The code allows more than one outlet on the laundry circuit, but it requir... More »

Determining the correct circuit breaker size for appliances depends on the size and type of appliance. In some cases, the type of circuit breaker relates to the size. More »

A standard 100-amp load center can be used as a subpanel, according to electrical-online.com. The neutral bonding jumper, however, must be removed. In a subpanel, the neutral must be completely isolated from the ground. ... More »

The size of circuit breaker in a main panel varies depending upon all of the devices to be supplied by the circuit. The amp load of all devices should be added together, explains The Home Depot. If the load of a device i... More »

The load a circuit is to carry determines the appropriate size circuit breaker. For safety, the total circuit load should be 80 percent of the breaker's capacity. This allows for factors such as ambient temperature and i... More »

To install a flush-mount ceiling light, first disconnect the lighting circuit by turning off its circuit breaker in the main breaker box. Use a screw driver to attach a fixture crossbar to the electrical box in the ceili... More »

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Troubleshoot a three-way switch by turning off the circuit breaker and using a continuity tester to check between the common terminal and each of the traveler terminals. If the switch is working correctly there is only c... More »

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