Black clothing is generally acceptable to wear to a funeral. Dark suits for men in colors other than black and dark-colored skirts for women are also fitting for a funeral service. More »

When attending a summer funeral, it is best for men to wear suits and women to wear slacks or dresses. Although the temperature may be hot, a funeral is still a formal occasion and so the standard of dress should match t... More »

People wear black to funerals as a traditional symbol for mourning and as respect for the deceased. The tradition first dates back to England in the time of the Roman Empire. More »

There are many things a person can say at a funeral, including "Sorry for your loss," states Regardless of what is said, it is vital to be sincere and sensitive. More »

Only a select number of options are available for someone who cannot afford a proper funeral, since death is a major expense. The two primary alternatives to paying for a funeral are donating the body to medical science ... More »

A repast, or repass, is a gathering of friends and family after a funeral service. This involves a meal and can be either at the home of one of the family members, at the deceased person's church or at the location of th... More »

A thank you note following a funeral should be sincere and respectful, and really can follow any format the writer chooses, as long as the wording is sincere. There are many ways and formats to use as guidelines, but thi... More » Holidays & Celebrations