A humidifier should be set between 45 and 50 percent relative humidity. The variance in humidity levels is based on how dry or how moist a person wants the air to be. More »

Duracraft Cool Moisture humidifiers are loud, especially on the high setting, and the tanks are small, according to reviews on Amazon.com. Duracraft Cool Moisture humidifiers do not work well in large rooms and have to b... More »

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A whole-house humidifier works with the existing heating and cooling system to distribute moisture through the air vents. The unit mounts on the furnace and has a connection to the home's water supply. The humidifier has... More »

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To set the humidistat on a humidifier, determine the proper relative humidity for the home and switch the dial to that setting. You need a humidifier, such as those mounted on furnaces or a standalone unit, and a relativ... More »

Simmering a pot of water on the stove adds humidity to the air without a humidifier. Set the temperature to low to heat the water. Add more water, and adjust the setting as necessary to prevent the pot from boiling dry. ... More »

Using a humidifier, boiling water, adding water sources and hanging clothes to dry are some ways to increase a room's humidity. Humidifiers range in size and capability. Some are made for distributing moisture throughout... More »

Pneumatech air dryers remove humidity from compressed air systems in an industrial setting, and some models provide refrigeration. Users can also apply filters to remove contaminants from the air. More »

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