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Generally, the left hemisphere of the brain controls writing, the Mayfield Clinic explains. It also controls speech, comprehension and arithmetic. Moreover, it is dominant in language and hand use in around 92 percent of people.


Scientists have discovered that certain parts of the brain form a vast neural network that is activated when a human is using their imagination. Studies using fMRI technology show activity in the precuneus, posterior parietal, frontoparietal, occipital and dorsolateral profrontal regions of the brai


The temporal lobes of the brain control memory. The temporal lobes are located on each side of the human brain, directly behind the temples.


The temporal lobe controls hearing. The temporal is located below the lateral fissure on both hemispheres of the brain.


Dreams are controlled by a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex. During REM sleep, signals sent from another part of the brain, the pons, are relayed through the thalamus to the cerebral cortex, and it is the cerebral cortex's attempts to make sense of these signals that causes dreaming.


The limbic system is responsible for processing and controlling emotions in the human brain. The limbic system contains several structures, which are the hypothalamus, the hippocampus and the amygdala. Together, these components work to create simple and complex emotions, and they rely on the nervou


The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls balance. It is responsible for coordination, fine muscle control, posture and equilibrium, in addition to attention and language. It is found at the back of the brain.


The brain stem and its individual components, the medulla, pons and midbrain, are in control of breathing and the respiratory system's various parts. The main section of the respiratory system responsible for breathing, or specifically inhalation, in the brain stem is the dorsal respiratory group, w


Located at the back of the brain, the occipital lobes are the part of it responsible for sight. They are part of the cerebral cortex. The temporal lobes and the parietal lobe also play a role in visual perception.


The brain stem controls heart rate and other automatic functions. It connects the brain to the spinal cord and is composed of the midbrain, the pons, the medulla oblongata and the cranial nerves.