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What Happens in Prophase II? Prophase II is the stage of meiosis when the nuclear membrane breaks apart and the spindle apparatus is formed. It is the first stage of the second meiotic division (meiosis II) and follows telophase I. Meiosis is a process of cell division that is necessary for sexual reproduction. It takes place in two stages, and ...


Prophase II, the first step of meiosis II, begins with the two daughter cells produced by the first meiotic division (see figure right). As in prophase I, the chromosomes are condensed. During this stage of spermatogenesis, the cells are called secondary spermatocytes, or during oogenesis, secondary oocytes.


Main Difference – Prophase 1 vs 2. Prophase 1 and 2 are two phases in the meiotic division of cells which produce gametes in order to carry out their sexual reproduction. Two stages of meiosis can be identified, meiosis 1 and meiosis 2. Meiosis 1 is followed by meiosis 2. Prophase 1 is the initial phase of meiosis 1 and prophase 2 is the initial phase of meiosis 2.


Prophase 1 vs Prophase 2 of meiosis DURING PROPHASE I: Crossing over happens in chromosomes where genetic information is swapped from chromosome to another at a chiasma (chiasmata for multiple ...


Prophase 1 vs Prophase 2 of meiosis. DURING PROPHASE I: Crossing over happens in chromosomes where genetic information is swapped from chromosome to another at a chiasma (chiasmata for multiple ...


In prophase I, the first stage is known as leptotene. This stage involves the unwinding of the DNA structure to enable an exchange of alleles between homologous chromosome pairs. No crossing over occurs in prophase II. Therefore, prophase II does not feature leptotene. The second stage of prophase I is called zygotene.


Prophase (from the Greek πρό, "before" and φάσις, "stage") is the first stage of cell division in both mitosis and meiosis.Beginning after interphase, DNA has already been replicated when the cell enters prophase. The main occurrences in prophase are the condensation of the chromatin and the disappearance of the nucleolus.


Prophase definition, the first stage of mitosis or meiosis in eukaryotic cell division, during which the nuclear envelope breaks down and strands of chromatin form into chromosomes. See more.


What Happens During Prophase? Prophase is one of the first phases of mitosis and it focuses on preparing the spindles, metaphase plate and chromosomes to work in the later phases of the process. Prophase exists in both mitosis and meiosis.


To replay the prophase II animation, click the Replay button. Replay ↻ While chromosome duplication took place prior to meiosis I, no new chromosome replication occurs before meiosis II. The centrioles duplicate. This occurs by separation of the two members of the pair, and then the formation of a daughter centriole perpendicular to each ...