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Britain colonized India from 1757 to 1947. The colonization was orchestrated by the East India Company, a British corporation that traded cotton, silk, spices and tea. The company heavily taxed Indian residents and prevented them from holding office.


Colonial India was the part of the Indian subcontinent which was under the jurisdiction of European colonial powers, during the Age of Discovery. European power was exerted both by conquest and trade, especially in spices. The search for the wealth and prosperity of India led to the colonization of the Americas by Christopher Columbus in


India was not the only country in the world that was colonized. The British had colonized the Palestine Area, Egypt, portions of the Caribbean, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Essentially, all of this came under the banner of the ‘British Empire’. India,...


Great Britain colonized the country of India. However, there are several other countries that also colonized India, such as the French, Portuguese, Danes, and the Dutch.


The European nation that colonized India and Australia, in addition to having spheres of influence in China is Great Britain. They colonized India for two hundred years and sixty-two years with Australia. The sphere of influence with China has a certain levels of cultural, economical, cultural or political exclusivity.


Nineteenth century colonialism was motivated by a number of factors including a nation's desire for economic prosperity as well as recognition as a world power, and the aftermath can still be felt today. One example of this nineteenth century colonialism is Britain's colonization of India. Reasons for Colonialism


European Colonization in India Why did the British colonize India and how did it effect the people already living there? What is India like prior to the arrival of the Europeans? ! India was large territory with a giant and growing population Then = 300 million people ...


For example the Tipu Sultan resistance to the British, this was opposed by some people In India. So the lack of unity made it easier for the Brits to gain control over India. Conclusion. Colonization in India took place gradually and with a great strategy. The Brits slowly came into India and managed to take control of the country systematically.


India is not a continent. However, you are closer to the truth than you might imagine. India is both name of a subcontinent (the Indian subcontinent) and a the name of a country which covers much ...


Best Answer: Many countries colonized India. Arabia- stole the number system from India and called it the Arabic number system Persia(Iran today) Mughals- came from Turkey, Taj Mahal was a creation during this era, many different mosques today came during the rule of the Mughal era.