Jan 4, 2019 ... No, Buddhism is not a religion. Buddhism can be practiced as a religion, says Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, but that's not what the Buddha taught.


Nov 19, 2017 ... We miss so much by not acknowledging what it really is. Members commemorate the Buddha's birthday at the Buddhist Church of San Francisco.


May 31, 2016 ... Is Buddhism a Philosophy or a Religion? Nicholas Liusuwan, Contributor. Buddhism writer, Buddhist American, Meditation Enthusiast.


Oct 12, 2017 ... Buddhism is a religion that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (“The Buddha”) ... scholars consider Buddhism one of the major world religions.


May 6, 2010 ... ... might even make a case for his path being a religion of no religion. Yet a religious dimension to the Way of the Buddha is quite real and vital.


Apr 16, 2018 ... There is a notable difference in the way that Buddha treated religion and ... Displaying charity during your life makes it likely you'll be reborn a ...


Jan 28, 2018 ... The Buddhists did not deliberately misrepresent their tradition or just tell the Americans what they wanted to hear. They were genuine in their ...


Buddhism is the world's fourth-largest religion with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the ... in the future, are believed by Buddhists to understand and teach the Dharma. Indeed, it is part of what makes them a Buddha that they do so.


It is neither a religion in the sense in which that word is commonly understood, for it is ... Although a Buddhist seeks refuge in the Buddha, he does not make any ...


While Buddhism has its roots in India, reverence for the Buddha and adherence to his teachings spread throughout Asia, and today the entire world. Buddhism can ...