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Collagen is a mineral in your bone and marrow that makes your bones flexible yet strong enough to withstand a blow. :) The organic material in bone is collagen.


The crystal material makes up about 70% of the dry weight of bone, while collagen makes up most of the remaining 30%. If bones were made up entirely of hydroxylapatite, they would shatter under a load. If they were made entirely of collagen, they would be rubbery. Instead, they have a perfect balance of both.1


What makes cats so flexible. It all starts with the spine. ... the individual bones that make up the spine – have extremely elastic cushioning discs between them, which allows cats to rotate ...


The organic material in bone is collagen. This is a protein which forms long, flexible fibres in the matrix surrounding the bone cells. It is estimated that collagen makes up 25% of the total ...


Bones that are strong but not flexible will be brittle and easily broken. However, if bones are flexible but not strong, they would not support the weight of your body or the stress from your muscles pulling on them.What makes tough bones?The strength of your bones depends on what you eat. You may have heard that drinking milk is good for you.


The calcium makes our bones strong and hard to support us, while the soft collagen framework lets our bones be flexible enough to withstand stress. This Article Vote Improved My Health 0


Start studying Chapter 16 Pre & Post. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Browse. Create. Log in Sign up. ... B. makes bone marrow C. makes bones flexible D. resorbs bone cells. C. makes bones flexible. Tuberculosis of the bone is associated with _____.


Bones are composed of two types of tissue: 1. Compact (cortical) bone: A hard outer layer that is dense, strong, and durable. It makes up around 80 percent of adult bone mass. 2. Cancellous ...


To become flexible, start a simple stretching regimen and try to perform it 3 to 4 days per week. Begin with simple arm and shoulder stretches, then move on to bridges, lunges, and butterfly stretches. Try to hold each stretch for at least 5 seconds, then slowly increase how long you hold the stretches as you become more flexible over time.


Bone is a living, growing tissue. It is made mostly of two materials: collagen, a protein that provides a soft framework, and calcium, a mineral that adds strength and hardness. This combination makes bone strong and flexible enough to hold up under...