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Presenting one sound argument to an audience is better than offering a series of weak arguments. A strong argument remains more credible than a weak one, and a strong argument is preferred in most situations. When attempting to persuade someone of a particular viewpoint, a strong argument is usually necessary.


conclusion: a proposition whose truth has been inferred on the basis of other propositions assembled with it in a logical argument; The transition or movement from premises to conclusion, the logical connection between them, is the inference upon which the argument relies. 1. There are two main types of argument: deductive, and inductive.


The weak argument is not convent but strong arguments are strong if only the premises is true. Essay hacks will help you understand what a strong argument is and what you need to make a weak argument strong. An argument can be defined as a type of communication that is able or tries to convince or persuade a person or an audience to accept a topic.

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Strong vs. Weak Arguements . Monday 10-5-09 . Tuesday, October 6, 2009 . Reading activities. This week, we are going to be working on Strong vs. Weak . Arguments. STRONG ARGUMENT: Statements that are backed up by reasons, facts, and examples related to the topic. WEAK ARGUMENT: A series of personal opinions that are not


For an argument to be inductively strong for S, it must be: 1) cogent. AND. 2) the premises are reasonable for S to believe. AND. 3) the argument is not defeated by S's total evidence. We add condition 3) for inductive strength because at best, cogent arguments would make their conclusions likely to be true if their premises are true.


Essay writing tips: a strong argument. Almost every essay on any subject – from weekly assignment writing, to writing an undergraduate or masters dissertation, or even a thesis – has one thing in common: it will revolve around an argument. Whether you are driving home a specific theory, considering an issue from all angles or debating a ...


Most essays are arguments. They make compelling and persuasive statements to readers about why they should care about a particular subject or agree with the author. In order to make a strong argument in an essay, the author must be passionate about the subject and believe wholeheartedly in the argument she is making. ...


What makes a good argument? We have defined "argument" and have practiced distinguishing arguments from non-arguments. We have said that the distinctive feature of an argument is that it is designed to convince a reader or a listener of a specific point or idea, known as the conclusion. ... If a strong argument has a false conclusion, then one ...


Very strong arguments will tend to have one or more of the following features: They will provide a very large amount of evidence that is itself highly certain. (For example: the mountain of very good evidence makes for a very strong argument for the conclusion that smoking causes cancer). Use a deductively valid argument form* to ...


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