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Of course, education plays a big role in ensuring this, but there are certain innate qualities that make one nurse better than the other. Here are 10 qualities that make an exceptional nurse. 1. High Standards of Professionalism. Nurses need to be professional in their approach towards their work.


Bedside nurses are the source of nursing’s outstanding Gallup poll results, and continue to earn the admiration and praise of patients across America. They truly embody what makes a good nurse. It’s not just the polls that demonstrate how highly regarded we are, or how much we are admired. Similar messages often come from:


“What makes a great nurse? Two words come to mind: competent and compassionate. A competent nurse is a skilled and knowledgeable expert for the patient [and] who is trusted to always do the ...


To be a good nurse, it's really important that you have great communication skills since you'll need to listen carefully to patients, carry out doctors' instructions, and communicate with family members. You should also be very detail-oriented since even small symptoms or mistakes can have a big impact on your patients.


What are the Qualities of a Nurse Leader? Rising patient numbers result in growing pressure for health care organizations to operate efficiently. Educated and experienced nurse leaders are needed to manage teams, patient care, and promote organizational goals. Competencies needed by successful nurse leaders are gained via education, experience ...


Qualities of a Good Nurse. Career Categories Business Health Informatics Military Nursing University View All. Learn More About Nursing Programs. No other profession offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference on the lives of people who truly need and appreciate it. Good nurses greatly contribute to the success and stability of ...


21 st Century nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together. Across the entire patient experience, and wherever there is someone in need of care, nurses work tirelessly to identify and protect the needs of the individual.


What do these things have in common? They're all part of being a nurse. But what makes a good nurse? What are the qualities you need to become one? The nursing profession is as much about kindness and caring for the whole person as it is about medical and technical knowledge.


Nursing is known to be both a highly demanding and highly rewarding career. But what makes a good nurse? Like any other job, a career in nursing requires a specific set of skills. Some of these skills may come more naturally to you, while you will have the opportunity to learn from others in nursing school or on the job.


Jeanine Frumenti, DNP, MPA, RN, CLNC, has seen the upsides of positive, uplifting leadership in action, and shares her thoughts on what makes a good nurse leader.. Through almost four decades in healthcare, she worked her way from a bedside nurse to a nursing leader at several hospitals in and around New York and New Jersey.