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With the power and authority granted to the supervisor, great responsibility takes place. The article discusses aspects that go into making any supervisor a good supervisor. This question can also be asked in any interview for supervisor positions. 10 Tips for Being a Good Supervisor: What can make you a good supervisor?


But these are not the only qualities and skills a manager, leader or decision maker needs to be successful. In this article you can find 11 attributes every great supervisor needs. Personal qualities. Emotional balance: The supervisor works in situations which involve authority, leadership, meeting targets and deadlines, conflicts etc. The ...


10 Things Successful Supervisors Do Differently The good ones probably stick out as people who have made a positive impact on our work lives and who made us more successful in our careers. The bad ones probably showed us the type of supervisors that we don't want to be and the mistakes we don't want to make.


What Makes A Good Supervisor? The Twenty Qualities of a Good Supervisor by Easy Small Business HR (March 2011) An effective supervisor: 1. Is strategic, detail-oriented and proactive. 2. Does not favor or provide an unfair advantage to some employees over others. 3. Is fair but firm when need be. 4.


By: Anil Salick After 15 years of facilitating and coaching supervisors, in various industries, I would like to share some insights about what makes great supervisors. This is a level in the organisation key to bridging management and worker expectations, whilst enabling productivity and greater profits. 1. Great supervisors have the right attitudes If a company has many supervisors, a ...


[We’d like]… to request permission to create a PDF using information from your website to include in our online resource guide. We would like to use…(“What Makes a Good Supervisor: 20 Tips on Being a Good Supervisor.”). [It] … gives good advice to young people on how a supervisor should manage their staff.


Top 10 qualities that makes a good supervisor are: 1. knowledge of the organization 2. technical knowledge 3. ability to communicate . ability to listen 5. sharp memory 6. ability to secure co-operation 7. orderly thinking 8. ability to judge subordinates 9. emotional stability and 10. miscellaneous qualities.


10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors At one of my training sessions recently, we had a discussion about being a first-time supervisor. While the group had a tremendous amount of management experience, everyone recognized how hard it can be in that very first supervisory role.


Experience: A supervisor must have an excellent grasp of the work the team's doing, as well as an understanding of the tasks and activities of a manager. Supervisors are often drawn from the working team because management appreciates their work ethic, company attitude, and commitment to quality.


The Seven Qualities That Make Great Managers So Effective. ... the supervisors who have an infectious love for the organization and the ability to make decisions with empathy and knowledge. It ...