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They are able to make sense of complex systems and understand how things work and how problems arise. Is Mathematically Inclined: A great engineer has excellent math skills. Engineering is an intricate science that involves complex calculations of varying difficulty. Has Good Problem Solving Skills: A great engineer has sharp problem solving ...


I’ve met many good engineers in my +30 years covering the industry. But what makes a great one? Truly great engineers obviously have the intellect for handling the complexities of the math, combined with a thorough passion for the product. They tend to be left- and right-brained thinkers.


What Are the Characteristics of a Good Engineer? An engineer should be an excellent problem solver, patient, an analytical thinker and able to communicate effectively. Creativity, the ability to think logically, math skills and the desire to continue learning are all important characteristics as well.


And “good” engineers need them all. "What makes engineers valuable is their ability to model and deal with stuff happening in the world,” whether that’s the physical world of mechanical engineering or the conceptual world of software design. Engineers need to be able to imagine things that will help people.


Whether you're an experienced engineer or just starting out in your career, if you want to stand out from the crowd and be really good at what you do, it's important to understand the types of skills and qualities that make for a great engineer.


The 12 Distinctive Attributes of a Good Engineering Project Manager By Steve Wetterling About the author: Steve Wetterling has Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration and 35 years of experience as an engineer, group manager and department director plus multiple cycles as Engineering Project Manager.


I think what makes a good engineer in general is developing a good intuition in engineering fundamentals with a strong analytical side that is able to view zoom out to see the important big picture, but also capable enough to zoom in and work out the minutia.


10 traits to look for when hiring a field engineer. ... But with a little bit of forethought and a solid understanding of just what qualities make for a good field engineer, hiring a new employee ...


What Makes A Good Engineering Culture by Edmond Lau One of my favorite interview questions that I ask engineering candidates is to tell me about one thing they liked and one thing they disliked about the engineering culture at their previous company.


So, from my point of view a good QA engineer needs the following skills. You need to have some great development skills It really takes some great tech and development skills to find bugs, document them and provide a comprehensive description of how to make them reproducible.