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Conch shells can be used as wind instruments.They are prepared by cutting a hole in the spire of the shell near the apex, and then blowing into the shell as if it were a trumpet, as in blowing horn.Sometimes, a mouthpiece is used, but some shell trumpets are blown without one.


The shell of the conch grows in thickness throughout its life. In the queen conch, the shell reaches its adult size after three years. Then the flared lip starts to form that gives it its prized shape. In the queen conch, the shell is from about six inches to 12 inches in length. It has between nine to 11 whorls on the protruding spire.


Lobatus gigas, originally known as Strombus gigas, commonly known as the queen conch, is a species of large edible sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family of true conches, the Strombidae.This species is one of the largest molluscs native to the Caribbean sea, and tropical northwestern Atlantic, from Bermuda to Brazil, reaching up to 35.2 centimetres (13.9 in) in shell length.


When a snail hatches, it eats the calcium rich egg it came from, giving it a huge boost to forming a shell around it. As the snail grows, it is constricted by the space it initially built for itself, so it moves slowly downwards and builds more shell - this gives it its spiral pattern. A shell itself can’t grow, like a turtle shell.


Piggy and Ralph spot a conch and decide to use it to call a meeting. All right! Island society is off to a good start. The boys impose a "rule of the conch" on themselves, deciding that no one can speak unless he's holding the conch. As a representative of law and order, the conch helps Ralph get ...


The mantle, which is inside of the shell, is what produces the shell. The conch incorporate calcium carbonate from the water or their food and then deposit the calcium to form the shell. They grow by adding whorls (the tip) to their shell, but once sexual maturity is reached, they begin to add shell on to their lip.


Recent Examples on the Web. The acupuncture has worked its magic and my skin gleams like a conch shell, but my true moment of genuine wellness arrives not in Eden’s annex but on my last morning at sea, before the sun comes up. — Sloane Crosley, Vogue, "All Aboard the Good Ship Self-Care," 12 Mar. 2019 Jewelry made from conch shells, silvery mother-of-pearl, and orange and purple thorny ....


I really didn't expect to find a live conch when I picked up this lovely shell on the beach! It was returned to the water shortly after this video.


Man releases meat from the shell - seaside on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


A conch shell is a large seashell that is characterized by its curled nature, spiraled point and wide open canal. With some time and patience, you can make a conch shell out of paper. It might take some practice, but this craft is so inexpensive that it will not be overly frustrating to have to try a few times.