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These elements tell us how to measure a president’s performance. A president performs well if he defends the Constitution, recommends and signs good bills and vetoes bad ones, competently enforces the laws, serves as an effective military leader, appoints appropriate people to office, and conducts a wise foreign policy.


What makes a bad president? There is no bad president. People think that there are bad presidents because of the people who are making malicious comments against whomever president they dislike. There are many malicious commenters using their online presence to criticize others. And what do you think is the purpose of these malicious comments?


The president is an individual, who leads an organization, company, trade union, country, etc. A president is expected to make the right decision for the well being of the organization, country or any other institution which he leads. A compulsive compromiser usually makes a bad president.


The Supreme Court can also limit the President's power by ruling that a law or action violates the U.S. Constitution. "The President has less power than the average voter thinks he does," says presidential expert Paul Boller. "He can't simply by himself make major domestic policies." In dealing with foreign countries, the President has more ...


What, if anything, makes a president a bad president? Lane Russell. Answered Nov 24, 2018 · Author has 2.5k answers and 719.7k answer views. He has literally no knowledge of diplomacy, economics, law, the Constitution, or indeed basic civics.


I don't live in the USA and I think that many people pass judgment too easily on American affairs, particularly politics when they don't even live in the country or don't really understand what's actually going on. So I'd like to know from an American; why is there so much talk about Pres. Bush being a bad representative and leader of the country.


What Makes A Great President? Michael Ledeen ... Even worse, if by some chance Reagan were elected president, the country would be doomed to four years of bad government, and quite possibly a ...


Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, belligerent, bullheaded big-mouth. He’s also the presumptive Republican nominee for President, fueled entirely by an army of supporters who like him for all the wrong reasons.But let’s not mince words here: Donald Trump would, without question, be the absolute worst President America has had to endure in the lifetimes of any living people on this planet.


This ugly act is attributable to the 65th United States Congress, not President Wilson, as Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution assigns no role to the President in amending the Constitution, and Wilson even vetoed the Volstead Act, which Congress passed to implement the 18th Amendment. It did occur during Wilson’s term, and so I note it here.


The president’s performance is often a measure by which we all judge the performance of our country. A president who succeeds makes us feel that the nation can succeed, and it is also through the president’s performance that we understand America’s role in the world and America’s hopes and aspirations for itself.